Welcoming Lanchester Guide

Lanchester Loneliness Project Summary

‘Welcoming Lanchester’ Guide – A Guide to Lanchester addressing Issues around Loneliness

What is the Lanchester Loneliness Project and the ‘Welcoming Lanchester’ Guide?

It’s a community initiative and the guide addresses issues around loneliness. It provides information and aims to engage everybody in the community. We hope to encourage everyone to make a difference by starting conversations and to attempt to tackle Lanchester’s loneliness

What are the aims of the Project?

To increase awareness and understanding about loneliness and provide information for residents.

Why is this needed?

Several different sections of the community were identifying residents who were lonely and the topic was raised at the Patient Participation Group. This group arranged a community event which identified there were many examples of Loneliness within our community. The PPG set up a Working Group to research this. As a result of its findings, including reviewing national research, the Guide was developed as a tool by which to tackle specific areas of concern within Lanchester’s community.

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